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Some people believe that the key to a good startup is a good idea. We think the key is good people.

NGN Partners seeks to be your drive. We are here to spur your success.



Simply put: If you’ve got an innovative spark and an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re creative, persistent, and you’ve got guts, then NGN is your FFF [fool, family, and friend]. We are the people who are first to believe in you and partner with you. We’re with you all the way, from initial ideation to ultimate success.

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We are your angel, your accelerator.

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By being there like a great family with tough love.

From the problem-solution fit through the startup valley of death and all the way up to the market, NGN challenges your ideas, asks the tough questions, plays hardball, assesses the risks, poses as your competitors, and warns you of what you need to look out for. Just like a family, once we’re in, we’re with you all the way, unconditionally.

We do absolutely everything we can , from providing access to our extremely wide-ranging network of knowledge, experience, friends and clients to marketing effectively so that you scale and succeed.

Together we will reach your goals (and beyond) in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

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With NGN Partners, one plus one equals three.

NGN Partners is the perfect integration of two generations, each with their own energy and experience joining together to become a powerful force.

We both successfully built ourselves up from scratch. We learned from every person we met along the way, gained invaluable experience and developed a multidisciplinary toolkit. Each of us knows what it takes to start up and keep running.

We draw on that firsthand experience to guide you towards achieving your dreams and our mutual success.


Our goal is to truly contribute, add significant value, and assist comprehensively.

We only take on teams that we really believe we can connect and collaborate with and offer them support from day one until company maturity, and then some.

Together we grow from good to great and from great to extraordinary.

We are aware of the disadvantages of investment funds. They have a tendency to crush minds and most often quickly become your distant financiers.

We don’t work that way. We work with people and for people.

Every team is different and unique. We evaluate each case individually, look at a variety of criteria and tailor our methods accordingly in order to reach the highest goals. We look at the big picture as well as the smallest of details, think inside the box, outside the box, and build a new box if necessary.



With a vast network sprawling across six continents, NGN Partners are two unique but cohesive peas in a pod that can provide creative solutions in multiple fields, unrestricted to any one geographic area.


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