Gil has served as a tech executive and business developer for nearly 30 years. He began his business activity in the private sector in the early 90s, and since then he and his partners have been developing businesses around the world.

In the late 90s he entered the Big IT sector, focusing on HLS [homeland security] and ITS [intelligent traffic systems], as well as medical tech, consulting, and real-estate in several locations worldwide. In the following years his business grew to employ roughly 1000 people over three continents, running complex multifaceted projects all over the world.

Around 2010, with the support of his friends and partners, Gil made his first investment in an Israeli startup. It was a success, and love at first sight. The intense creativity of the field together with the opportunity to meet and interact with fascinating people and innovative technologies led him to gradually shift his professional focus to the startup sector.

So far, he and his partner and friend Jonathan have made more than 20 investments, the vast majority of which have been very successful and have become sources of emulation in their fields. The people working with Gil and Jonathan have succeeded in reaching and surpassing their goals while creating an amazing work environment that is enriching, challenging and inspiring for all.

At NGN Partners, while facing the exciting challenges of entrepreneurship with his partners and teams, Gil has the opportunity to share the knowledge he has accumulated over the years while continuing to gain new knowledge on a daily basis.